Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Working behind the scenes

A lot has changed over the past year!
  • We have a new location - we are no longer doing a showroom, but still offer package pickup to local customers.

  • We have undertaken a huge project of labeling every single item we have with the item number.

  • Our product line has expanded by more than 1000 items including many US made findings, and a bunch of new flower cabochons, plus much more

  • A new newsletter provider - Vertical Response - is helping us keep in touch better

These are just some of the highlights, and there's a lot more to come :)

thank you for everything!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh yeah... we have a blog

That's pretty much what just happened. Through all of the craziness of running a small business, this has completely been forsaken. I will try and right this, and start giving more updates and information here :)
For now, some other ways to keep up with us:
Newly listed items - updated automatically based on date they are listed, you'll only find the freshest items. Anything located here has been available less than 3 weeks

Facebook - Finally making use of the number 1 website in the world :)

Twitter - The quick and easy way. Let's you know when we've updated facebook, and much to Margaret's disappointment, the occasional cheesy joke

- Patrick