Sunday, June 22, 2008

Etsy Jewelry Designer Winner!

Wow! Thank you for all that voted, so many votes!! Thank you again to the fantastic jewelry designers featured, they are *all* great!

The first place winner was aimedars ! She will be awarded with $20 worth of supplies from my supply shop on etsy!

The 4 runner up's will recieve a discount for 10% off either of my shop's, if they choose to shop there in the future.

The vote count is as followed:

1st place- aimedars 317 votes!
2nd place- bunniesnbuggies 156 votes!
3rd place- mvegan5 53 votes!
4th place- thebeadedlily 36 votes!
5th place- sugarberry 24 votes!

So regardless of who gets what prize, it looks like *all* of the designers have a lot of fans out there! Thanks again!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Vote for your favorite Jewelry Designer!

I have picked 5 awesome jewelry designers that sell on Etsy with completely different style's for this contest! It was hard to pick, as everyone that applied had great work, and as a huge fan of handmade jewelry, I kind of wanted to go on a mad shopping spree!

Please take the time to vote for your favorite! The 1st place winner gets a $20 shopping spree from my supply shop . The 4 other contestants that were picked will get a code to use for 10% off their next order from my supply shop or my handmade shop Pretty You Designs if they choose to shop there in the future.

You can vote 2 ways by the poll or by leaving a comment with the number (each item has a black number on it) of the piece you love!

Now on to the gorgeous jewelry!

This gorgeous necklace titled "Peace Dove Necklace 3" can be found in Mvegan5's etsy shop. She has a wonderful shop that sells unique jewelry and wonderful artwork, she is also the founder of Etsy for Animals. Please vote for #1 Mvegan5 if this is your favorite piece!

This beautiful bracelet titled "Sabatini Bracelet" can be found in thebeadedlily's etsy shop. Her shop is filled with gorgeous world inspired jewelry that is full of color made by a person with amazing talent. Please vote for #2 thebeadedlily if this is the piece you love!

This adorable charm bracelet titled "Berry Sweet" can be found in bunniesnbuggies Etsy shop. She handcrafts sweet charm bracelets among other fabulous jewelry and also has some super cute hand-painted children's clothing in her shop. Please vote for #3 bunniesnbuggies if this is the bracelet of your dreams!

This luxurious necklace titled "Smokin' Smokey Quartz Necklace" can be found in aimeedars Etsy shop. If you are looking for jewelry that has luxury with style then you will have a hard time holding onto your money in this shop! aimeedars also has a little photography in her shop, and some sweet item's for your home. Please vote for #4 aimeedars if this is your favorite!

This lovely necklace titled "Purple Clay Flower Black Bead Necklace" can be found in sugarberry's Etsy shop. A lot of her jewelry features her own handmade polymer clay pendants and charms (that lovely flower was handmade!), making each piece unique. You can also find an adorable handmade owl plush in this sweet shop! Please vote #5 sugarberry if this necklace is the one you want to win!

Thank you to all of the talented jewelry designer's that are featured! Thank you to everyone that take's the time to vote for their favorite! You can use the poll feature or you can leave a comment, all votes will be counted and the contest will end Saturday night (the 21st).

Front Page of Etsy!

So the other day I nearly fell out of my chair with of my Octo-tote's was featured on the front page of Etsy!

I managed to take a quick screen-shot of the treasury, it was only on the front page for about 10-15 minutes. I am so thankful I was chosen for such a great treasury! The treasury was created by

You can get an octo-tote from for $14.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Free Supplies?

Who is up for a contest?

I will be scouring the etsy forums today, looking for some etsy jewelry artist, that are A. great at what they do, and B. want some free supplies!

Details: I will pick 5 jewelry artist that apply for this contest, ask them to pick a photo of a favorite piece that is for sale in their etsy shop, post it here, and encourage others to vote for their favorite piece.

Prizes? First place gets $20 worth of supplies (their pick!) from my etsy supply shop- !

4 Runner ups get a code to recieve 10% off a future order with or , if they choose to shop in either of my shops in the future.

So, lets see your best piece!