Thursday, June 12, 2008

Free Supplies?

Who is up for a contest?

I will be scouring the etsy forums today, looking for some etsy jewelry artist, that are A. great at what they do, and B. want some free supplies!

Details: I will pick 5 jewelry artist that apply for this contest, ask them to pick a photo of a favorite piece that is for sale in their etsy shop, post it here, and encourage others to vote for their favorite piece.

Prizes? First place gets $20 worth of supplies (their pick!) from my etsy supply shop- !

4 Runner ups get a code to recieve 10% off a future order with or , if they choose to shop in either of my shops in the future.

So, lets see your best piece!


Aimee Dars said...

Great contest! I hope you'll check out my etsy shop:

Li's craft said...

Lovely game and lovely person, give us a lot fun, thank you!

Paper Girl Productions said...

cool idea!

mvegan said...

I'd love to enter ;0) One of my favorite pieces;
:0) Michele

mvegan said...

Oops, for sale;
;0) Michele

Beadsme said...

Hi my favourite piece is this one.

LeaKarts said...

So hard to choose! I voted for #2 since we could only pick one :)