Friday, April 24, 2009

New Flower Cabs Are In!

Our new flower cabochons have finally arrived! Our new 18mm Dahlia cabs are available in Samplers, or can be bought in 4 packs of the same color.
These new cabs come in the following colors:

1. Lilac
2. Grass Green
3. Fuchsia
4. Turquoise
5. Sunny Yellow
6. Palest Pink
7. Light Mint Green
8. Pink Coral
9. Ivory
10. Cool Gray
11. Dark Gray Plum (not pictured here)


Purple Violet said...

dear margaret and patrick
I found your blog by searching about flower cabochons. I am in need of those cabochons. I read your blog and get the idea of you are selling them. I am not in need of 2 or 3 pcs, I want to buy 500 pcs etc. and then import them to my country (I live in Turkey). can you give me a name, an adress or a website selling those, please help me ı am looking for them for ages. your help will be very appreciated.thanks in advance!

MK Beads said...

Hello, thanks for stopping by!
You can find us at these websites :

of email us at

~patrick and margaret