Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Showroom is Finished!

When we first planned on opening the front office as a showroom, it seemed simple enough. Every time we turned around, we were adding something to the plans, or completely changing plans. But, we have finally completed it, and we're pretty confident it was worth the effort (at least to us!)
So 4 4x8ft slatwalls, 1200 2 inch hooks, a couple of tables, some awesome artwork, a couple of great vintage finds, and we're ready for some visitors! There aren't too many bead shops near Cape Coral, so although were not really a "bead shop", were hoping we can help fill that void a little.

First, some of what you'll be seeing:

Artwork on the walls from:

The Mincing Mockingbird
The Black Apple
Amber Alexander
Berkley Illustration
Chipmunk Cheeks

DIY craft desk plans from:

Indiefinable Creations

And now some pictures:


Evie's Tool Emporium said...

Looks inviting!

ViVE Creation said...

Great 'shop' !! love the layout !!

Anonymous said...

Makes my mouth water. Fantastic setup.....P